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TRISTEZA - Paisajes LP

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Paisajes is an album of sound, color and textures brought to height by 13 years of perseverance & creative inventiveness, eliciting admirers along a quest to hone their creation of sound and feeling. Tristeza pride themselves on the conveying and execution of such sensations. 9 new pieces presented to listeners from a comforting maternal like source. Providing playfulness, beauty and curiosity along a path of confident mellifluous exploration.

Tristeza seems to have (consciously and/or unconsciously) decided to deliver the listener something both mysterious and vivid, a feat not easy to achieve. They took no shortcuts to get there, paying their dues in so many ways where most bands would have tossed in the towel. Pulling through feats of distance, parenthood and new members has never been easy. Through all this the main structural pillar always remained in tack. Guitar, Bass and Drums. Because of this dedicated foundation, a subtle rise to various rewards was made possible. Theres a common thread running throughout Tristeza's cosmos of sound, something previous patrons will find soothing and enjoyable to revisit, but with Paisajes, they will have new fruition of dynamics to suckle... A symmetrical web of creative ideas and new sounds are explored with Paisajes, all with impressive results.

Additions of vibraphone, violin and stealthy placed horns weave your ears in and around a silky network of sounds. All realized in the analog and without computer modeling. Tristeza tip hats respectively to an eclectic survey of influences along the ride but maintain their own fortitude while doing so. Sounds turn and congeal like a vintage kaleidoscope, morphing shapes & sounds from a nostalgic culmination of yesteryears and their own prospective harmony. Each twist loosens patterns of trancelike interlacing guitars akin to Spacemen 3, Felt or late period Talk Talk & early Durutti Column. Bass and rhythmic patterns influenced by Nigerian Afro Funk, Latin Cumbia & 60's / 70's German Kraut grooves. Delicate sounds celebrate their freedom and dance along their sidewalk in the sky.

Sonically and creatively one of the most refreshing and therapeutic albums of recent years.Tristeza lay out a scenic landscape (paisajes) and politely invite us all to get lost inside...