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TRESQUE - Vai e Vem LP

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The heavy pulse of sound systems synchronizes with the precision of musique concrète and the reconstructed memory of a masked folk dance of the Swiss mountains. Techno, drum n bass and dub are echoed within this sonic processional, where samples are pulled apart and recycled, cut at the beginning and end, then linked together. Tresque takes his name from an open-chain circle dance from medieval southern Europe. Under the musical moniker d’Incise he has played on numerous solo and collaborative projects with Cyril Bondi, designing quiet, intensive listening experiences with various combinations of software, recordings from vinyl or in the field, modified objects, percussion and harmonium. As Tresque the delicate minimalism he’s known for takes shape within driving grooves. Airy, spacious, amplified noise from his collection of samples is sliced and tethered to weightier, physical beats. A tension forms between uplift and downfall, hypnotically oscillating between structural textures and collective dance.