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TOWNES VAN ZANDT - Somebody Had To Write It LP

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A must-have time capsule of Townes Van Zandt acoustic performances showcasing his brilliant songwriting. A reissued collection available on vinyl for the first time. Includes classic Townes Van Zandt songs, "If I Needed You," "Pancho & Lefty," "Waiting Round To Die," and "I'll Be Here in The Morning" (duetted with Barb Donovan).

From the liner notes by Harold Eggers Jr: "These recordings are as close to the bones of Townes as you can get. They give the listener a unique and detailed insight into and overview of his songwriting, music and life like no other. Townes often made light of the darkness and lived more in the shadows. This album and Townes spoken words (bonus tracks) are significant because Townes personally selected each track and in his own words revealed the private person and singer/songwriter/artist that he was. These recordings and spoken words were very important to Townes for the world to hear his music and life story as he lived it, told by the man himself."