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TORRID HUSK / END - Swallow Matewan TAPE

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Full-length split between Torrid Husk (USA) and End (GR). 

EU releases on Arcane Angels (vinyl) and Monotonstudio Records (cassette). US release on Grimoire Records (digital, CD, cassette). 

The split has been in the making for a couple of years, both bands admiring the other’s distinctive contribution to black metal. 

Torrid Husk's wild, densely layered style evokes the forested mountains that they come from; the combination of extreme tempos, vicious death metal drumming and intricate guitars painting a harsh landscape. This is their first recording with a second guitarist - new member Miles Craft - whose presence brings striking intricacy to the guitar lines. Blending atmospheric black metal with the pummeling intensity of technical death metal, Torrid Husk's side will appeal to fans of Abyssal, Krallice and Anicon. 

On side B, End crafts a uniquely Hellenic blend of atmospheric black metal infused with Nordic influences, at times reminiscent of Celtic Frost and Carpathian Forest. Their veteran line-up includes members of Nechochwen, Dephosphorous and Ravencult. In a nod to the old gods of extreme metal, their side closes with a unique interpretation of the 1983 Amebix song 'Winter'. 

Comprising of three weighty tracks from each band, Swallow Matewan is a deep experience. The churning seas on the album cover evoke the shared turbulence that each band brings to their style; riffs tumble and tear at each other over relentless and intricate drumming, and vocals from both are harsh and sharp as an ocean gale. Both bands understand the importance of the eye of the storm, however; delicate moments of respite punctuate both sides of the split, allowing just enough time for the next bout of brutality to hit just as hard as the last. 

Released by Torrid Husk’s long time label Grimoire Records, the split has a clearness enabled by their excellent in-house mastering. It is Grimoire’s first release, however, that wasn’t entirely recorded and produced in-house: while Torrid Husk and Grimoire label head Noel Mueller returned to the same secluded cabin in which they recorded 2014’s Caesious, End recorded their side at home in Greece. This displacement of setting only serves to highlight the two bands’ affinity, as the two sides flow together impeccably in spite of it.