Stoned To Death

TORPUR - The Cult 7"

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Ever since the formation of Stoned to Death dated to 2012, one could say the label have acted as a curious agent. Well, I don't know about you, but there are only few other things that can spark my curiosity more than a band which promotes themselves as GOBLIN PUNK. Yes, one may say that there has already been enough modern extensions to punk - starting with post, and continuing with synt, egg, chain, glue, cactus etc., but technically it always sounds the same. So is there any difference between a band that promises to play such genre as GOBLIN PUNK and any other moder punk band? I say there is at least based on this one example: TORPUR (based in Krakow, Poland).

They push their sound definitely towards something that can be described as - goblin punk. We just have to start with the vocals. Torpur vocals are really high pitched angry, sounds like crust punk undergoing electrocution or to keep it super simple: sounds like maniacal goblin that's about smack bunch of stupid elfs. And then the guitar: its like if somebody from Amebix or Sacrilege tries to understand the idea of New Romantics movement, but fails right at the beginning and instead just kicks out the door of crust metal and hurries back home. Drums are just your typical ransacking war metal beat, but perfectly fitting all the needs required by the genre. And the bass. Well the bass just makes it all HARD, as they say.

And of course - as a goblin punk, you must be able to use skateboard. Thats mandatory. Torpur can skate real well. Do you want to become a goblin punk? If you can't skate, just forget about it. There is no way you can get into this scene. Or maybe, maybe you can start by picking up this single and join the Cult. Lets if the Cult wants you. Worst case you can still become an egg punk. I have heard they are still hiring.

But hold on, what is all this lyrical hallucination about. Oh yes - we just put out seven inch by Torpur. There four songs on it. I really dig the one called the Cult, which at the moment slides into weird 80's goth and then skates out back to goblin punk. The cover is also cool, designed by Durian Gray, who's master goblin himself. Its riso printed. It's released in edition of 300. Took about 15 months for pressing plant to make it. Not sure i have anything else to say. For now.