Patient Boy

TORMENT & GLORY - We Left a Note with an Apology TAPE

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First solo project by Brian Cook of Russian Circles, SUMAC, Botch.

According to him, the making of the album has taken over ten years. “All the songs are a reflection on youth and the reckless behavior that serves as a rite of passage,” said Cook. “It’s a way of atoning for some of the more aimless acts of rebellion I dabbled in during my young adult years.”

The album’s lead single titled “No Big Crime” features Cook reminiscing about the idea of shoplifting as a teenager. The track starts out calm with a guitar’s arpeggio. However, the song’s bridge becomes chaotic with its industrial arrangement. In turn, “No Big Crime” ends with its simple introduction. The song’s video contains views of nature and the outdoors filtered through the lens of an old camera.