Low Perspective


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This split tape by LARS ENNSEN and TOOTH DECAY shows two ever-morphing faces of Berlins noise/ambient underground in their most recent incarnation. LARS ENNSEN delivers a 30minute-spanning majestic soundscape that will instantly suck you into deep oblivion. This track is filled with subtle shifts and changes while retaining that feeling of static- and monolithicness that we all long for in ambient/drone music. TOOTH DECAYs track borrows heavily from 20th century minimalism, 70s synth kitsch and oldschool sci-fi soundtracks to build up a beautiful wall of sound that gradually dissolves into a fuzz-heavy noise assault. This release is limited to 49 copies with an artwork done by JAKOB RUDOLPH (JR TATTOO), that was hand painted and cut up into 49 pieces to provide a unique cover for every copy of the tape. The painting itself perfectly captures the atmosphere of the music.