TK WEBB & THE VISIONS - ancestors LP

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Following the release of TK Webb's second solo LP, Phantom Parade (Social Registry, 2006), it was evident that Webb's songwriting was beginning to outgrow the sound that had peppered his solo efforts. The new songs that would go on to comprise the Ancestor record referenced the rock music that Webb had grown up on. This sparked his decision to form The Visions in the summer of 2007. Joining Webb in the new band on second guitar is Brian Hale (ex-Love As Laughter), Nic Gonzales (The Comas, Love As Laughter, Blood on the Wall) on drums, and Jordan Gable rounding out the line up on bass. This new cast helps take TK's acoustic visions and plug them in through the Marshall, making for a heavier, more cohesive listen than Webbs previous work.