TIERANNIESAUR - DIYSCO / Horses With Melting Eyes 7"

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The single is limited to 250 copies only, with downloads.

Side A 'DIYSCO' is the gatecrashed party - flamboyant, unrestrained and totally danceable... Side B 'Horses With Melting Eyes' is the morning after comedown - jaded, paranoic and just a little sleazy.

Formed in 2010 by husband and wife team Annie Tierney (Chicks, The Radio, sister of Mick Pyro from Republic Of Loose) and Padraig O'Reilly (Yeh Deadlies), and later joined by Ruan and Ian from Squarehead and other Popical pals, Tieranniesaur have become 'one of the country's most well loved bands' - Harmless Noise

Tieranniesaur is a Genre straddling troupe that's part old-school Euro Disco, part Afro- Pop, and part Riot Grrrl vitriol, an infectious mix of sincerity and Hip- Pop swagger.