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TIARAS - Tiaras LP

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Mt. St. Mtn is pleased to announce the debut release of San Francisco-based weirdo power-pop super-group TIARAS. What comes after San Francisco’s now fleeting garage rock scene? The answer remains to be seen but Tiaras continue the efforts of San Francisco’s long legacy of refugee freaks writing pop music. Influences range from The Cars, Wire, The Dwight Twilley Band, Big Star, and yes, even echoes of Tears For Fears, the self-titled release features ten guitar driven power-pop songs doused with supernatural melodies. Often going bright, the LP bubbles out harmonic echoes that balance sultry nostalgia while ruminating on what’s next for the dreamers who value big hooks and soaring chorus’ to bring it all home. In essence, Tiaras captures the sentiment of the unadjusted through intricate and sparkling sonic medleys. Tiaras are partially composed of former members of the “sinister sunshine” group, GANGLIANS. RYAN GRUBBS (vocals, guitar, and keys) and KYLE HOOVER (lead guitar) started Tiaras as a bedroom project. Joined by ANTONIO GUALCO (drums) of FINE STEPS, ADAM FINKEN (guitar) of BLASTED CANYONS, and RYAN HANSEN (bass), these dudes came out the gate a well-seasoned outfit from their first show and only get better with each live performance.