THORR'S HAMMER - Dommedagsnatt LP

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A more than timely reissue of Southern Lord's very first release. This is an awesome runic doom bauer of a record. Featuring Stephen O'Malley, Greg Anderson and a then 17 year old nordic vocalist, Runhild Gammelsæter. Thorr's Hammer was active only for six weeks during which it played two gigs and recorded a demo and "Dommedagsnatt". The band disbanded after Runhild's return to Oslo, Norway. Burning Witch was formed from the ashes of Thorr's Hammer and Runhild has currently teamed up with James Plotkin (Khanate) to form Khlyst. Long out of print. Thorr's Hammer features Stephen O'Malley, Greg Anderson (Sunn0))), Burning Witch) and Runhild Gammelsæter (Khlyst).