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Originally pressed by Waking Records in 2004. Here's their original release description:

"While this may be an ep, there is so much crammed into these songs that you will be left spent after giving them a listen. One minute it is all out charging distorted rock paired with harsh growls that frighten with their intensity and power, and then it all shifts and sways into technical and noodley guitar and spoken words. You can't guess what will come next - it is there before you know it as the songs bound from one part to another with ceaseless energy.

Lyrically, This Ship casts a critically eye on our society in a refreshingly sincere and direct manner. They are positively and productively confrontational, not allowing us to be idle and simply accept things as they are, as fixed and unchangeable. Explanations are included to further elaborate upon the lyrical content and leave little room for miscommunication. This Ship wants you to understand.

I'm amazed by how much has been poured into these songs and recordings. Energy and passion abound and overflow from these songs, and when the cd is over you won't believe it was only twenty minutes.

For those of you that need the reassurance: this ship has members of defunct bands such as You and I and The Assistant, but when you hear what Jason, Steve, and Tom have created with This Ship Will Sink, none of that will matter. These songs stand tall on their own and are a promise of an amazing future. Look beyond the past."