THEO ANGELL - Dearly Beloved CD

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Theo Angell is apparently a Jackie O’Motherf*cker collaborator, which might explain his haphazard view on folk music, blending influence from ole-time blues, American primitive folk and the modern alt-folk stylings of Michael Gira and friends. Just in the first two tracks we can get a lid on just how wide the man’s scope is – with album opener ‘Praise Mighty’ exploring the darker side of gospel blues and it’s following track ‘Cannonball’ taking banjo and fusing it with a pounding techno beat, don’t worry though the result is more Paavoharju than The Grid or The Rednex. It slows down a little after this and we reach one of the album’s highlights; the gorgeous organ led ‘Born to Burn’ which sounds something like I’d hope Air would if they made folk music. There’s a cinematic glow and bleakness to ‘Dearly Beloved’ which makes it incredibly pleasurable to listen to, giving you that warm feeling at just the right time, and without unnecessary spook-folk posturing. Lovely.