THE WORKHOUSE - The Sky Still Looks The Same 10" + CD

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The Workhouse return with their first new release since 2011 album “the coldroom sessions”. Famously described by the NME as the new priests in the cathedral of sound the band are proud to release the sky still looks the same, on German label, Oscarson Records.

Combining influences from early factory records bands, post-punk and nineties shoegazing, the band create a sound of twinkling beauty brought up to date with wondrous pop sensibilities and earthy effects driven integrity.

Think of Joy Division playing chess with Sigur Ros while watching a video of The Chameleons. Or put Ride, Interpol and Godspeed your Black Emperor into a food processer and set to blend.

Limited edition handmade 10” vinyl in gatefold sleeve, with 3” cd and booklet.