THE WIRE - #473 July 2023 MAG

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Inside our brand new issue:

Eugene S Robinson
: The vocalist, author, actor and martial artist talks writing, performance and lazy journalism. By Laina Dawes.

Michael Allen Z Prime
: The ecologist and bioelectrical composer unveils a new collection. By Julian Cowley; Plants on disc: Carlo Patrão’s user’s guide to music made with flora

: Cafe Oto’s house band attempt to liberate the modern song. By Ilia Rogatchevski; Cafe Oto on disc: Stewart Smith surveys the most dynamic live albums from the venue

Invisible Jukebox
: Nappy Nina:Will The Wire’s mystery record selection leave the Brooklyn rapper in Dumb Doubt or will she prove Extra Ordinary? Tested by Olivia Bradley-Skill.

Garrett Saracho: The Los Angeles keyboardist rematerialises after years in the wilderness. By Daniel Spicer

Unlimited Editions: Trost Records

Unofficial Channels: Metal Music Theory

Lauren Bousfield: US artist pits maximalism against consumerism. By Claire Biddles

Magnus Granberg: Into the twilight zone with the Swedish composer. By Nick Storring

Me Lost Me: The Newcastle avant balladeer is game for folk. By Abi Bliss

Lary 7: Explosive junk from the New York based polymath. By Jo Hutton

Global Ear: Lviv: Tale of the Oleksandr Yurchenko tape. By Olena Pohonchenkova

The Inner Sleeve: Ale Hop on Popol Vuh’s Einsjäger Und Siebenjäger

Epiphanies: Kyle Gann’s musical world is shattered by Morton Feldman