THE WIRE - #409 MARCH 2018 MAG

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On the cover: Milford Graves: The percussionist, herbalist and educator has cut a titanic figure in free music for almost 60 years. By Alan Licht. Plus: Julian Cowley on Graves’s essential recordings. Also in issue 409: Robert Haigh: From industrial music via drum ’n’ bass to minimal piano, the former Omni Trio operative has carved out a unique career thanks to his deeply interrogative approach to rhythm and melody. By Simon Reynolds. Psyphonics: The esoteric practice of channelling ideas and information via sound has an extensive secret history, taking in TC Lethbridge, Daphne Oram, Chris Watson, Led Zeppelin and Aphex Twin. By Dan Wilson. NeutralKate Carr, Todd Barton & Ursula K Le GuinStroom, Global Ear in Belfast, Invisible Jukebox with Young Echo, The Inner Sleeve chosen by SIREN, Epiphanies by Veronica Vasicka, plus the usual mass of albums, books and gigs reviewed, and much more.