THE WIRE - #406 Dec.2017 MAGAZINE

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On the cover: Quantum Natives: Scattered across the globe but digitally connected, Brood Ma, Yearning Kru, recsund, Rosen and other QN operatives are forging parallel futures for electronic sound and vision. By Rory Gibb. Plus, Hedley Jones: The Jamaican audio engineer died in September having altered the course of 20th century music with his sound system innovations. David Katz visited Montego Bay to conduct his final interview. Li Jianhong & Wei Wei: Blending horror and sci-fi obsessions with DIY experimentation, the musical initiatives of Li Jianhong and Wei Wei have placed them at the cutting edge of the Beijing scene. By Josh Feola. Once Upon A Time In São Paolo: The collision of pop and avant garde music in the late 1970s gave rise to the fiercely independent and still influential vanguarda paulista movement. By Russ Slater. Also in this issue: Mary Jane Leach, L’Ocelle MareRaven ChaconKapiw & ApappoOff WorldGlobal Ear: Port-au-Prince, Invisible Jukebox: Tyshawn Sorey, The Inner Sleeve chosen by James Jackson Toth, Epiphany by dj sniff, plus the usual mass of albums, books and gigs reviewed, and much more.