THE WIRE #379 September 2015 MAG

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On the cover: Julia Holter: the US songwriter-musician abandons the home studio and heads into the great wide open for her latest and most accomplished avant pop adventure. By Frances Morgan. Blurt: Ted Milton's jazz-punk renegades have remained discordant and defiant for four decades, as a new album and book of the ex-puppeteer's collected lyrics attest. By Daniel Spicer. Music With My Insane Friend: Melbourne duo James Wilson and Simon Bereux kick through the boundaries of rock, improv and electronic music. By Ben Watson. Plus: Arnold Dreyblatt's Invisible Jukebox, Canadian producer Ramzi, experimental composer Iain Chambers, Kink Gong aka field recordist Laurent Jeanneau, oud player Khyam Allami, the rhythmic engine of house and techno is celebrated in a new film808, hundreds of albums, book and gigs reviewed, and much more.