THE WIRE #339 May 2012

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On the cover: AtomTM (From Señor Coconut to 19th century Romantic, Uwe Schmidt's multiple personae spring from a lifelong passion for electronic simulacra, says Dan Barrow). Features: Scott Walker (Ian Penman casts aside received rockist wisdom and asks if the singer's lost years of MOR covers and TV shows were, in fact, his most musically enchanting.); The great unlearning (What happened when Philip Clark left his compositional comfort zone and ventured into Eddie Prévost's improvisation workshop?); Invisible Jukebox: Mary Halvorson; The Primer: Sound poetry; Cross Platform: Benedict Drew; Laurel Halo (Adam Harper gets enjoyably lost in the electronic musician's free-roaming futurescapes); Sean McCann (David Keenan hears Renaissance choirs, American minimalism and folk in the US composer's work)."