THE TAMBORINES - Black & Blue 7"

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The Tamborines return with another slice of 7" fun on Beat-Mo/Soft Power records. I believe this duo of Henrique Laurindo (vocals/guitar) and Lulu Grave (keys/vocals) record all their own singles at their custom built studio. As a result they create very intimate and ultimately more rewarding recordings than they could achieve in a conventional studio, that and they can take their time too. The results are a fresh take on classic mid '80s indie and shoegaze sounds. 'Black And Blue' is a classic slice of fuzzed out shoegaze with the melodic strengths of a Ride vocal coupled with the shimmer and wash of MBV. It's as ear splittingly loud as it is soothing. Flip it and you get 'Indian Hill', a laid back Pastels-esque twee summer strummer sung by Lulu Grave. It's a light and fragrant pop tune.
7" comes dressed in blue.