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1995 : The Sea And Cake’s second studio album ‘Nassau’ is released. Out of print on vinyl for over a decade Thrill Jockey are happy to finally offer it again. This 2012 edition was remastered to vinyl by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering and pressed on high quality virgin vinyl. The two LPs are packaged in a jacket fully replicating the original artwork and includes a double sided insert and, for the first time, a download coupon. ‘Nassau’ was recorded by John McEntire at the now defunct Idful Studios in Chicago. The album moves the band away from the more immediate pop leanings of their self-titled debut and sees them begin to experiment as a band in production and songwriting. ‘Nassau’ was featured on many 1995 year end lists, moving the band into the spotlight and out of the shadows. ‘Nassau’ lives up to the promise of their debut and raised the bar for things to come.