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Limited edition of only 500 copies! Naivete and splattered paint; gothic Americana and tender misfit pop; memories recorded and remembered underwater. This is what makes The Sandwitches, a three-piece from the Bay area with a powerhouse of a pedigree. Members are currently involved in Sonny & the Sandwitches, Earth Girl Helen Brown, and Pillars of Silence, after having spent time rolling around the country as backup singers and tambourine smackers for fellow San Franciscans The Fresh & Onlys. Following a debut LP on Sonny Smith's own Turn Up! Records, another acclaimed LP on Empty Cellar earlier this year, and a smattering of releases in between, we have "The Pearl" 7". The new sounds of the Sandwitches are at once both strange and welcoming, offering up strummed guitar and simple drums as a buoy to their unique vocal phrasing - expect tempered echo chamber delay on one side and then bask in an incredible falsetto lift and drop on the flip.