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THE PRISONERS - The Last Fourfathers LP

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THE LAST FOURFATHERS is unarguably the best set of British rock'n'roll (not to mention garage punk, psych, mod soul and general Hammond-fuelled frenzy) of the past 20 years. For once, objectivity don't come into it. What would you match it against, anyhow? The Stone Roses' debut? Don't make me laff! Oasis's first album? Oh, pleeze! As you're no doubt aware, there are a multitude of records which are costly to track down, a significant percentage of which, musically speakin', simply ain't worth the vinyl they're cut on. However, the Kentish lads' third magnum opus, originally released to little or no mainstream acclaim by the band's Own Up label during 1985, is a different kettle of frogspawn entirely. That's why you can currently expect to pay around £100 for a pristine vinyl example, or even part with up to ¬£50 for a copy of the band's own CD reissue from the early 90s.