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After the deluxe version was released in 2013 for the 10th anniversary, "Give Up" is now available again as a simple LP in the original format. You can spend all the time and money in the world creating the perfect pop scenario, but Sometimes the stars have to fall into place on their own. And although the members of THE POSTAL SERVICE joked early on that "Such Great Heights" was the "hit" from their debut album "Give Up", no one could have guessed that what an impact this album, conceived in Midwestern bedrooms, would have. Over ten years have passed since the small project of Ben Gibbard from DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE and Jimmy Tamborello (DNTEL, FIGURINE) seemingly came out of nowhere and burrowed deep into the ears of everyone who came into contact with the infectious electropop advised by THE POSTAL SERVICE. Of course, THE POSTAL SERVICE's music has always been much more than just electropop. The power with which Jimmy and Ben evoked the zeitgeist of early noughties indie rock made them such a phenomenon that artists like BEN FOLDS, AMANDA PALMER, STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO and CONFIDE covered "Such Great Heights". A testament to the magical spark and the melodic compactness of the song. The band's sound is such a milestone that the term "Postal Service-esque" is an accepted adjective in the music world. It was impossible to predict how big Give Up would become, but by 2003 it was clear that these gentlemen had created something very special.