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THE DEAD SPACE - journalism / peter hates us 7"

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These guys got on the bus at Guadalupe and didn’t stop ’til Salford. It always surprises me to hear a band like this coming from a town like austin… the eternal sunshine and laid back hippie vibe seems like the antithesis of the depressive, dark post-punk that the DEAD SPACE trade in. Like you can understand how JOY DIVISION or SECTION 25 came from grey, rainy manchester. Still the sun goes down eventually, even in Austin, and this is music for 2:00 a.m. Sparse and tense, with definite gothic tendencies. There’s a slight radio-friendly edge to their sound, maybe in the choruses, but its a far cry from the cheesy U2-via-JOY DIVISION radio pablum of INTERPOL or EDITORS. (AM)"" Maximum Rock and Roll
""The Dead Space “Journalism” b/w “Peter Hates Us” (Thread Pull) Debut on purple marble vinyl as produced by the Sword’s Bryan Richie produces A-side psych drone, with mascara harmonies presumably from the quintet’s rhythm pair, Jenny Arthur (drums) and Jasmine Mayberry (bass). Side two contrasts space-conscious post-punk, from the UK (Joy Division) to the U.S. (Mission of Burma)""