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THE CHISEL / MESS - split 7"

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Bloody fucking hell! Two of modern Oi's finest together on a slab, you say?! You bet your ass! THE CHISEL (London, England) and MESS (Guadalajara, Mexico) have teamed up to deliver quite the sonic melee of a split 7" featuring two new ones from each group that showcase the balance of proficient songwriting and brute force that both bands have gained a well deserved reputation for over the past couple years. And as the The Chisel Boys' reiterative chorus resounds through the speakers while you're spinning this platter, you'll know that it's true - you truly ain't seen nothing yet as this is but a taste of what's to come from both of these stalwarts of the genre. Featuring art and layout by the great Nicky Rat, this record is a one time pressing so snag it while ya can or don't! COME ON NOW!!!