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THE BLIND SHAKE - Celebrate Your Worth LP

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The Blind Shake, three intense men from Minneapolis creating
dense, mystical music: in 1974, Bernie Taupin, feeling on top
of the world as Elton John’s “Rocket Man” soared up the charts
in 1972, suffered a sudden sense of vertigo outside the Spanish
villa where he was vacationing. In a beam of black light he saw
and heard the future of the future, a loud vision of The Blind
Shake, making music that made Elton John’s “starman as everyman”
song seem like so much pastel tissue paper, wet and dissolving
in a pretty porcelain toilet.

The real deal, Celebrate Your Worth is an intense web of
connections of bands and sounds unknown to Taupin, strange
sounds from Chrome through Bailter Space through Michael
Yonkers and John Reis and with tendrils extending throughout
an incredible universe of fantastic unknown bands and sounds.
“What the hell am I doing?” Taupin cries, now on his knees,
staring at the sky. Witness the Blind Shake in all their mystical,
wonderful strangeness and energy.