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THE BATS - Demo 5:26:84 LP

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The latest in the Mind Cure reissue series is from Pittsburgh’s own pioneers of Post-Punk, THE BATS. This is not The Bats from New Zealand, this is not The Bats from Hamburg, this is not The Bats from wherever else, this is The Bats from Pittsburgh. This recording catches The Bats in their earliest incarnation that lasted long enough to record this demo and play one show (which comes as a bonus on the download card provided with this record). With the lineup of LEE SKIRBOL on bass, MARK “MAGEE” MILLER on drums, MICHAEL CHABON (the author!) on vocals, RUTH ANN SCHMIDT and SAM MATTHEWS on guitars, this version of The Bats kicks out four tracks with a perfect balance of jigsaw guitar, death-dirge bass and snotty vocals. These recordings were carefully transferred, restored and remastered by DAN RANDALL at Mammoth Sound and have never sounded better!