THE AMAZING - code 2 / to ska and back 10"

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Only 500 pressed! The Amazing make up two existing members of the well known Swedish band, Dungen. Like their fellow labelmates, they continue to make far out psych grooves, but this time around the singer signs in English making the song a bit more transferable across the continent.

Already receiving unanimous critical acclaim in Sweden, their debut album is an all-encompassing sonic soundscape of groovy electric folk rock, psychedelic pop and airy acoustic ballads. The core musicians in The Amazing are Christoffer Gunrup (ex-Granada), Reine Fiske (lead guitar wizard in Dungen), Johan Holmegard (drummer in Dungen and Life on Earth!) and Fredrik Swahn (also bass player with Anna Jarvinen). The intimacy permeating through the collection intensifies itself steadily in the music they produce, take a track like "Deportation Day," or "The Kirwan Song," swimming idly through the groups twisted melody, yet luminously anchored by Reine’s astral guitar – plucked endlessly higher. Elsewhere the likes of "Dragon" and "Romanian" forgo interstellar for a more bucolic revelry, built upon acoustic laments and a vocal ripple that could only have spread itself outwards from Sweden’s forlorn beauty.

With special guests including some of Sweden’s finest musicians; Fredrik Bjorling (ex-Dungen) and Erik Malmberg (Sagor & Swing) amongst others, nothing on ‘The Amazing’ is introverted or overworked – everything is balanced, kept together by natural melodies, soulful vocals and just how perfect should be. ‘The Amazing’ is a feeling, an organic consequence of something that effortlessly came together, the start of a quite extraordinary tale.