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Terror Danjah's second Hyperdub album is Dark Crawler, a well paced and much more upfront and energetic journey through his musical world than his debut Undeniable. The album revolves around the 'Dark Crawler' theme, a blistering Grime track that pops up several times vocaled by MCs Riko Dan, Mayhem, Deadly and Saf One, and then lastly Trim and Kossie.

That's not to say the album is one dimensional or relentless. It's subtley balanced with the Dark Crawler thread of tracks allowing the album to spin off in a web of directions without losing any focus. It's a much more contained body of work, paced to keep the listeners interest. From the Dark Crawler intro into the cartoonish horror soundtrack of Mirror's Edge, which tricks you into thinking its just any dubstep tune, before scattering into Terror's signature broken kicks and claps. Dark Gremlinz feat DOK is a classic peak-era asymmetric grime instrumental. The album then drops down into the 130ish speed of Air Max 90 featuring Champion, which builds from a Soca-like drum drill stretching the rhythm to the point of collapse with a wonky synth, before concluding on a driving baseline house 4/4.