TERROR BIRD - secret rituals LP

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Terror Bird are a Canadian group based on some fascinating contradictions and revolving around the powerful, affecting voice of nikki never. Emerging with bedroom-forged cassettes on Night People Records, never added synth players and drummers as she went on, via releases on La Station Radar and Night School, finally arriving at this point - a harder-hitting synth-goth masterpiece in 'Secret Rituals'. Gone are the reservations and shyness of the straight-to-4 track songs of old and in their place is a forceful, immediate collection of songs that showcase Never's precise and emotive voice. Tracks like 'Thrill Killer' are 80s goth pop songs re-imagined for the 21st century underground, insistent and propulsive, 'Secret Rituals' is a lush, dark gem and tracks like 'if we escape' are heroic, doomed-youth anthems for souls running from an impending doom, overfull but still pumping. The production is clearer than before, the passion intensified. Killer LP.  / rough trade

Terror Bird’s sophomore record Secret Rituals 9 perfect dark pop songs and if you dig Zola Jesus (we know its a lame comparison) - you will love this new album.