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TERMINAL NATION - Echoes Of The Devil's Den LP

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Since the release of the first Terminal Nation album "Holocene Extinction" in 2020, the divisions in the USA have only widened, the fronts have hardened and compromises are no longer an option. The band's scorching new album Echoes Of The Devil's Den embodies this seething rage, arriving once again on the eve of a recurring nightmare election cycle featuring fossilized relics from the 20th century.

At its core, Terminal Nation's essence is unabashedly heavy mid-tempo riffing and bulldozing breakdowns taken to new levels of extreme brutality - over which Stan Liszewski's venomous voice radiates the seething rage of a population at the end of its patience.

But beyond this foundation, Terminal Nation's songwriting has evolved considerably, as evidenced by songs like 'Embers of Humanity', which incorporates an epic heavy metal flavor into its ballads and builds to a stadium banger. On the single 'Merchants of Bloodshed' the band sprinkles in anthemic, almost radio-friendly clean vocals from Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage) - just one of many guest appearances on the album.