TEEN DAZE - Four More Years LP

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Teen Daze makes a neat contribution to the swelling chillwave ranks. To be filed alongside the likes of Memory Tapes or Washed Out, his sound summons plentiful measures of Shoegaze-indebted swoon, but with the requisite sharper, more vivid and up-to-the-minute aesthetic ready for radio play and iPod docks in the sun.

For the first time, Four More Years, the debut release from Teen Daze, is being released on vinyl. This limited edition pressing will feature the 8 songs from the original release, and two bonus tracks: a remix of Shine On, You Crazy White Cap and a B-side. This release will also come with new artwork (designed by Jamison Isaak and Nathaniel Whitcomb) and a download card. Limited to 200 copies.