TDOAFS (The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch) / ALBATROS - split 10"

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New split 10". 4 songs each.

The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch (also written thediscordofaforgottensketch or TDOAFS) are a three-piece screamo/emo violence band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada that formed in 2001. Despite the fact that they've been around forever, their main activity has only been in the past few years, which is why they're often associated with bands such as Beau Navire. TDOAFS have got every aspect a great screamo needs absolutely nailed. They're dark, chaotic, but also painfully melodic, and have that slight hint of jazz influence nailed down. Throw in some elements of hardcore, and you've got a band that will remind you why you love screamo/skramz so damn much.

Based in Quebec City, Albatros is a seven piece musical outfit that's been active for almost 10 years to this day. In addition to the more ''usual'' rythm section, this band counts a full brass section wich contributes to making their music stand out from what's around these days. Combining their (obviously) numerous influences, their sound is hard to pinpoint but includes touches of screamo, black metal and even jazz at times.