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A symbiotic relationship between old and new – a retro sound sent into the future, that’s how Tausend Augen (English: “thousand eyes”) sound. This sound aesthetic is a result of a get together of 50 year old microphones, compressors, tape recorders and the ability to fuse that with modern recording techniques. „Westend“, the bands debut sounds familiar as well as alien – like a transfer between musical generations.

Their roots lie in Germany’s experimental and innovative rock music, which frees the spirit of barrierless experimentation and builds the main ground. They combine influences of electronic music, psychedelic rock, motorik, post punk and noise with German lyrics. Following the paths CAN, NEU! or Kraftwerk built „Westend“ leads to new interpretations and sounds international and a bit zeitgeisty.

70s meet 80s, pioneer german NDW sounds like Abwärts or DAF find their places as well as stoic rhythmics like NEU! Or The Oh Sees.

FFO: Grauzone, NEU!, Joachim Witt (Goldene Reiter-Ära)