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A pulsation, a wobble, a motoric beat and then they're marching again, the silver three from the Saar - stoic, manic, motoric, electronic, the 80s would like to have their sounds back. The first song "Black Box" makes it clear where the journey is going. Because on "Schock" Thousand Eyes also follow the musical approach of their debut album "Westend" - they consistently combine analogue electronic music, psychedelic rock, motor skills, post punk and Noise with German lyrics. They play less, but straighter. Reduce to detach. Minimize to maximize and change through repetition. Don't take the first exit - just keep going. Everything becomes science fiction. Thematically it's about dystopias and unreal truths of life, and so the cover artwork by the renowned comic artist Andreas Möller couldn't be more aptly illustrated!