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TABULA RASA - ...und ihre fürchterlichen Gesänge LP

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180g Dark Green Vinyl
Black Metal from Abtenau, Austria.
In the deepest hemispheres of Austrias mountain side, in nights filled with Belladonna cherries, campfire romance and hectolitres of beer, three strange figures celebrated a sonic howling noise, that became the child born under the moniker of TABULA RASA.

With perverted lust of pure freedom, borderless unconrollable lunacy, limitless horizons of the mind and simple joyousness to marauder the worlds rules and formula, this bond was founded.

Rebellion! Rise and break the chains of our nowaday dullness.

Resist! Barricade yourself against the tides of uncreativeness.

Revolt! Refuse their poisonous gold and venomous words of convenience.

Be the stronghold of your volition.
We'll gift to you our songs of drunken clearness. As just the intoxicated mind opens the portals and lifts the veil of the demigurge nebula and mans rotten rules. Immerge with us and drown into the streams of our secret ambrosia.