Stoned To Death


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It is not quite a common discipline that the band will take you to the deepest abysses of its interior. And it is no longer common for the band to be fours in their thirties, influenced by spiritual folk and the poetry of Oldřich Janota on their journey. Fortunately, these two (and many others) attributes met in the Prague band Tábor.

The Liebe recording got its lyrical basis at a time when guitarist David Vála was wandering through the North Bohemian countryside and spending the night in a defunct tin mine or the cursed tomb of the Lobkowitz family. When he returned home, he began to set his lyrics to music and invited three musicians. Magdalena, who plays old age harmonies in the band, Adámka (bass, otherwise guitar in Or and Dimitar) and extraordinaire drummer Kateřina from the duo Oswald.

Together they created a massif that oscillates soundly between hypnotic rock, the underground with the abrasion of a dissident barn, folk tradition and Young's guitar escapism. From the first concert, the band was accompanied by the company's reputation with a magical aura and a burdensome mood. Add to that a certain incomparability based on the musical overemployment of all members of the band (see the lively concert activity of Vole, Bahratal, Oswald and Or), which intersects the schedule a few times a year and their concert is often a big holiday that should not be missed!