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SYMBIOSIS / ANCIENT TUNDRA - These Engulfing Winds Never Die CD + DVD

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For over a year now, ambient artists Ancient Tundra and Symbiosis have worked towards creating a monumental dark ambient release that showcased both the audio and video aspects of the genre. These Engulfing Winds Never Die is the result of over a year`s work filming nature in its harshest elements. From the frozen Canadian prairies to the mountains of Italy, combined with some very unique and interesting video graphic work from Valerio Orlandini, to gather over an hour`s worth of experimental film in the video portion of this release. The audio portion of this release contains 8 stunning new tracks from Symbiosis and Ancient Tundra written throughout 2008-2009 that continues to show both artists experimenting further with their sound and incorporating new aspects to their music.