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SWEAT - Gotta Give It Up LP

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LA’s Sweat are gonna change the landscape of hardcore. Through a blend of contemporary heaviness, classic rock, punk, and other diverse influences, the band represents at once an amalgamation of canon styles and something wholly unique. The perfect blend of ridiculously great riffs, an intensely powerful singer and a rhythm section holding it down with nuance and creativity. All whilst having that special magic on stage that lets you know that these people are friends and care about what they are doing. That they aren’t playing in a band to climb some music industry ladder, but to have fun and sate the deep-seated need for musical catharsis.

How often do you hear a hardcore band doing something new? How often do you hear a hardcore band where the members are mature enough to be amazing musicians, but still really fucking angry? How often to you hear a hardcore band that actually have something to say?

Sadly, the answer to all of those questions is “rarely” - but Sweat show that it can be fucking done. That they can tick all the boxes and will be your new favorite hardcore band.