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SURFACE OF ECEYON - Revenge of Dragon LP

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Featuring the dense and swirling psychedelic sounds of Adam Forkner (White Rainbow/ Jackie-O Motherfucker/ VVRSSNN/ Yume Bitsu), Dick Baldwin (Towering Giant/ Landing/ Dragon), Daron Gardner (Towering Giant/ Landing), Phil Jenkins and Aaron Snow (Paper/ Landing), Revenge of Dragon continues Surface of Eceyon's "entropic quest for transcendental enlightenment via wah wah pedals, big amps and long, long songs."

Noodly guitars are stretched out over droning organs and trumpet, slowly building into monstrous slabs of psychedelic swirl and heady heaviness. Krautrock rhythms demarcate loose fields of strum and twinkle, inducing hypnotic head nodding and stretched out serenity. This LP is limited to 500. The first 100 mail orders come with a limited CDR of the album which features master poet & storyteller John Barlowe reciting poetry and memories from his past.