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SURALIN - Nothing Is The News LP

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Absolutely overwhelming, which is just annoying. I would like to throw everything down and hide away. But SURALIN have managed to escape the general fatigue syndrome. With “Nothing is the News” you have created an album that is deeply touching, captivating and liberating at the same time.

The Chemnitz Quartet's fifth longplayer initially builds on the sound of its predecessors: a finely woven network of various indie and post-whatever influences that, despite all its complexity, appears very simple and organic. The “reduction to the essentials”, as bassist Matthias says, was even more consistent this time. Recorded live in the studio and without any instrumental overdubs or additional effects in the mix. “It’s the pure sound of the instruments, our pedals and the recording room.”
As a result, SURALIN sound even more urgent than usual, with moving depth. On the driving carpet of drums and bass, the two guitars can develop their interaction and counterplay between melody and dissonance. The nine songs contain a surprising number of arabesque figures as well as motoric repetitions that have a significant pulling effect. Embedded in it is Alex's often fragile singing, which comments on the state of his environment.

According to singer Alex, the album title “Nothing is the News” combines the ideas that the world is constantly changing, technology is developing and people are increasing drastically. But the human being as such remains the same. Power, submission, exclusion, envy, resentment and egoism are the predominant themes.” Despite this severity, it is repeatedly clear in the texts that changes are possible through one's own behavior and the will for the better prevails. Positive despair.

The title is also an allusion to SURALIN themselves, who consistently stick to their passion for making music, says Alex.

“Nothing is the News” was recorded live and recorded in July 2021 at the Larox recording studio, Chemnitz, by Hilmar Habrom. Mixing and mastering was done by Mikey Young in Melbourne, Australia. The cover design is by Christian “Zomber” Sommer.