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- Supreme Commander rose from the ruins of 3 prolific and hardworking DC punk bands. In the winter of 2005, ex- members of Latchkey, Wake Up Cold and the Daycare Swindlers convened. With the experience of thousands of shows, a slew of releases and a firm knowledge of what it takes to keep a band productive, Supreme Commander hit the rehearsal studio and began building a catalog of loud, fast, melodic hardcore. Comparisons to Dag Nasty, Gorilla Biscuits and Pennywise were drawn. Two Man Advantage were forged from the punk rejects of all the other teams, a group of individuals came together to form the deadliest machine ever to grace the ice. With a total commitment to hockey, beer, and punk rock,Two Man Advantage was born kicking and screaming into a savage, hostile environment with sticks swinging. This split 7" will be their first release in 5 years. So grab a beer, lace your skates, wear your mohawk up, and hit the ice with the Two Man