La esfinge de la cavalera

SUDARIA - apókryfa TAPE

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Sudaria opens up the gates of (un)reality to unveil the true shapes behind the mirror of the illusory self; 2 mantras to break the illusion, 9 keys to open the holographic seals of Maya. 

"Apókryfa" explores the limits and contradictions of the orthodox religious faith focusing on the aspects behind negative theology, christian mysticism (purification - illumination - unification), neoplatonism, hermeticism, symbolism... and deeply influenced by the work of Charles Baudelaire, William Blake, Giordano Bruno, Averroes, Meister Eckhart, San Juan de la Cruz, Bataille... indeed, the words found in "Litanies of Beauty and Death" are taken from "A Cradle Song" by William Blake.