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STREET GNAR - shrine 12"

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From the same French label that brought us François Virot comes some good-ass psych rock. Not sure how this Kentucky-based band got hooked up with Atelier Ciseaux, but hey, I’m glad they did. Limited to 300 pieces of white vinyl

The Details:

Kentucky's Street Gnar loves their trusty drum machine-- and for good reason. Over the course of several releases in a relatively short span of time, Street Gnar's drum machine has grown to define their sound. Where the drum machine can often sound gimmicky in rock 'n' roll, in tracks like "Lift Up," Street Gnar smartly don't let it dominate the composition. They use it in a way that complements the music, providing it a simple, relatable, and warm atmosphere that mimics the light and breezy guitar lines. "Lift Up" comes from their upcoming Shrine EP and certainly builds on their aesthetic, cleaning everything up just a touch and delivering the summery goods via a "My Sweet Lord"-tastic guitar lick and Burger-esque slacker vocals.