STIJN HÜWELS + TOMOYOSHI DATE - A Distant Fire, A Distant Cloud LP

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Pillowy ambience from Belgian producer Stign Hüwels and Japanese electro-acoustic artist Tomoyoshi Date. Pleasant, pastoral stuff for fans of Home Normal.

"A Distant Fire, A Distant Cloud" is the second album from Hüwels and Date, following their 2015 introduction by Chihei Hatakeyama. Here, they reference a poem by Tadahito Ichinoseko that's recited on the album, and both artists use guitar, synth, piano and subtle field recordings to make the softest ambient music imaginable.

It's almost so quiet at times you can barely hear it - music in the vein of the Japanese landscape ambient tradition, but augmented with a distinctly European grasp of blustery, widescreen sadness. Lovely.