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STICKS N STONES - is it you 7"

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This follow up to their debut single on Dusty Medical picks up where that hot slab o' wax leaves off—hitting you square in the gut with two stabs of sharp pop perfection! A veritable Milwaukee "super-group' of sorts featuring PAUL KALFAHS and JON HEIBLER from CATHOLIC BOYS and NATALIE CLARK from THE TEARS (and all three from the TUFF BANANAS), STICKS N STONES keeps it lean & mean, slicing off riffs from ‘70s & ‘80s Power Pop (and a nick or two from classic ‘60s bubblegum) with rapid-fire intensity calling to mind such great Midwestern bands as Cheap Trick, Shoes, and the Kind. "Is It You" is a spastic spark of self-examination and "Telling The Truth" is a pounding plea for the listener's trust—it ain't no lie! The first press of this single comes on randomly mixed colored vinyl, includes a download code, and is housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve!