Die Kosmischen Kuriere

STERNENMÄDCHEN - Gilles Zeitschiff 2 LP

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"Timothy Leary!" - That was "Star Girl" Gille Lettmann's almost breathy final word on the 1974 album Gilles Zeitschiff, Vol But it wasn't published at that time - let's say: due to circumstances. Until now. Almost 50 years after its recording, the ZEITSCHIFF 2 can finally take off. Gille conjures up Leary's spirit here too, comets and stars hiss through space on fluorescent traces of rays - the Cosmic Couriers live up to their name. But unlike in Vol. 1, everything is in one piece here. The careful remastering ensures a compact sound, and where the "Queen of Sunshine" outshined everything else on the first record, in ZEITSCHIFF 2 a clear hand ensures clarity. This hand belongs to the Italian pianist and conductor Roberto Cacciapaglia. The quadro album Sonanze, produced by Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser, was his ticket to the magic circle of cosmic magicians. Even if it wasn't called that at the time: Sonanze was an early approach to a genre that we now call "ambient". One senses the potential Rolf heard in Roberto's music. Dieter and Rolf knew how to integrate Roberto's competence. ZEITSCHIFF 2 has become a fluently composed, effectively arranged work that radiates warmth and cosmic tranquility without lacking in excitement. A work that brings the spirit of space rock from the early seventies back to life and shows us today the tracks the cosmic couriers followed back then. GILLES ZEITSCHIFF 2 is more than just a sequel. And also more than a premiere: it is a discovery.