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Trilogy Select is the second full-length vinyl LP from Netherlands-based electronic musician CHRISTELLE GUALDI under her STELLAR OM SOURCE moniker. The album consists of a selection of tracks from her CDR trilogy released last year ("Crusader," "Alliance," and "Ocean Woman") hence the title Trilogy Select. It was recorded between 2006 and 2009 in a variety of locations including The Hague, Lisbon, Paris, and New York and features the track "Rites Of Fusion," which is a collaboration with DAN LOPATIN of ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER. The original CDR tracks were re-edited and meticulously sequenced and then remastered by CARL SAFF in Chicago. Packaged in amazing full color high-gloss jackets designed by Christelle along with a double-sided color insert that features the artwork from the original 3-CD set. Also includes a download coupon.