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The German born guitar player has been forging unprecedented ground within the solo guitar world over the last few decades where his out-put has covered everything from John Fahey style finger-picking, epic pieces influenced by Indian ragas to minimalist micro-trance adventures capable of taking your consciousness beyond the limitations of time.

‘IS’ comfortably straddles Steffen’s two mainstays: transcendental landscape ragas and experimental excursions that take the steel-string guitar to places that it has never been before. For example the finishing track on the album ‘…and like Wind we go’, is a scratchy textural piece, that while devoid of any obvious melody has a striking atmosphere that will get the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end.

"This might be a career best from German Takoma-ite Steffen Basho-Junghans. This new album plays like a showreel of the guitarist's talent... highly recommended" - Boomkat

"This could go anywhere and you get the feeling it probably will. This certainly ain't some well-worn pastiche, this Is the real deal y' hear me?" - Norman Records

"Basho-Junghans is a solo guitar player who creates works of music you can get completely lost in beginning with ‘When The Plains Are Sing’ where he gets deeply evocative with his slide guitar and then he switches to 12-string acoustic for ‘Changes’ and somehow uses it to make a sound like an acoustic symphony." - Was Ist Das